How Did We Get Here?

For 63 years McKillop has responded to the changing context and needs of Lethbridge and the spiritual journey.  Many have benefited from McKillop being a place where we experience welcoming, nuture, diversity and inspiration to live our mission and faith in a hundred ways: the 3 C's Program for seniors to cook a meal and find social connections; inclusivity for all regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity; special congregational lunches; a visit in the hospital; discovery circles; an insight shared, a song, a hug, the gift of laughter.  We are a giving and growing church.

Over the past 3 years, we have conciously engaged ways we can be in service and mission to our community, with the help of Joel Den Hann and Michel Berdnikoff, through being in partnership with the Lethbridge Senior Citizen's Organization, Lethbridge Family Services, and the Outreach Society of South Alberta.  We are becoming a community hub on the Southside of Lethbridge and to continue this mission and to grow, we need to upgrade our facilities.  With much hard work by the Church Council and the Building Committee, we now have conceptual designs to renovate key areas of our facility to help us be more welcoming, accessible, and practical.

The kitchen will be upgraded to include double the working space, better flow, more storage, and equipment that allows for easy food preparation and fast clean up.  This new kitchen would be a community and teaching kitchen.

Our current lift to the upper hall is held together by prayer, because we cannot obtain parts for it anymore.  We would install an elevator to make all three levels of the 1954 church hall accessible.  The location of the elevator will impact the nursery which will need to be renovated too.

The upper hall level will include two single use washrooms that are fully handicapped accessible.

Lastly, the main access into the church would be enhanced with a creation of the lobby area to make our front more welcoming and add much needed meeting area space.

How Does This Serve Our Mission?
We are striving to be a welcoming congregation that is engaged with our community.  We also believe if we help our community prosper, then we prosper too.  The new lobby area will provide a welcoming and nurturing space for groups to gather and more directly connect the sanctuary with the upper hall.  The new elevator will make all levels of the 1954 building accessible for adults and children thus creating a more inclusive environment for ourselves, but enhancing our stewardship to the wider community.  Most importantly, our kitchen upgrades will allow our 3 C’s Program to expand and to create opportunities for more programs in a modern kitchen.

How Does Raising Funds for this Proposal Impact Our Annual Operating Budget?
All funds raised for these building renovations will be designated as such and approved by the congregation.  The funds for the renovations will be over and above our ongoing obligations to meet the annual operating budget.

How Good is the Current Estimate of Project Costs?
The budget is based on schematic and conceptual drawings and is only an estimate for setting a target budget to get us rolling.  These estimates do include a 15% contingency, which is higher than the industry standard of 10%.  As the project is better defined and the drawings are more developed, the project estimates will also become more refined.

Funding Plan
The Fundraising Committee will:
•    Conduct a Capital Campaign to raise at least $800,000 during April 2017.
•    Incorporate all possible grant applications, including government grants, the Non-Profit Energy Efficiency Transition (NEET) Program, and United Church of Canada grants (the more the capital campaign raises, the more we can ask from matching grants).
•    Allow for pledges that span three years to create flexible possibilities for congregational donations.
•    Incorporate financing if needed with a limit of 20% maximum in loans.

Key Funding Packages Include:
•    Entrance Lobby - $240,000
•    Elevator - $157,000
•    Fixtures, Furnishings, Appliances - $95,000
•    Kitchen - $80,000
•    Boilers - $79,000
•    Foundation Work - $66,500
•    Upper Hall Roof Replacement - $50,000
•    Washrooms/Storage/Janitor’s Closet Upstairs - $49,000
•    Sound Proofing - $40,000
•    Nursery - $40,000
•    Foyer Areas - $39,000
•    Washrooms/Storage/Janitor’s Closet Lower Level - $28,500
•    Air Conditioning/Upper Hall Refurbishing - $250,000

Next Steps
•    To raise at least $800,000 for the “Growing the Dream” Capital Campaign
•    To apply for grants from Federal, Provincial, local, and foundations.
•    To receive approval from McKillop Trustees and South Alberta Presbytery for the project.
•    To commission construction drawings.
•    To establish a fundraising committee and incorporate all possible grants.
•    To obtain a developmental permit before selecting a contractor once a minimum of 60% of the estimated costs have been raised.
•    To submit the detailed designs to the congregation for approval.
•    To begin construction with 100% funding in place through donations, pledges, grants, or potential loans.
•    All of this leads us to the much anticipated opening celebration.

Who to speak to:
For questions contact John Bolton at 403-329-4304

Our Progress
Thank you to everybody that has given to our $800,000 goal so far.

We are at $605,024 or 76% of our goal.  We hope to continue to reach our goal of $800,000 by the middle of September when we apply for some major matching grants towards our project.

Download/view the Pledge Card, Gift Range Chart, or the Brochure

Pledge Card

Growing the Dream Brochure

Growing the Dream Gift Range Chart

front facade street view
kitchen concept




All drawings from SONGER architecture inc.

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