Vital Link Youth Group

Vital Link is a co-ed youth group for grades 6-12. We meet most Sundays during the Catch the Spirit 11:30 a.m. Service.  We start in the service then go down stairs to the Youth Room when the children leave for Sunday School. We also gather two to three times a month for special events, activities, service projects and just to have fun!

Join us for whatever fits your schedule  and interests.

Friends Welcome!


Chef Hats
September 17, 10:00AM - 12:30AM
(Lane Lounge and Catch the Spirit Service)

Service Project: Senior Mens' Supper
September 22, 4:45PM - 7:00PM
Please confirm your help.  (Lane Lounge Kitchen)

Youth Consult
September 24, 11:30AM - 12:30PM
(Start in Catch the Spirit Service, then Youth Room)

Fall Youth Rally South Alberta Presbytery.  Theme: David and Goliath
September 29, 6:30PM - October 1, 12:00PM.
Youth are invited to stay on for lunch if they choose.  Please see Ruth for registration forms.
(Coaldale United Church.  2022 18 St)

Recent Events with Vital Link

Highway Cleanup
Vital Link Youth, from McKillop United Church, give up their sleep in and take to the Highway to clean up discarded garbage. They got some recognition as the Taber Times photographer stopped by to photograph them and thank them for helping make the highways cleaner. Thanks for the great job!

IMG 6340

IMG 6344

Field Trip - Lethbridge Human Society
Vital Link further explore kindness in our community with a field trip to the Lethbridge and District Humane Society. Eight youth were moved by the stories of the surrendered pets during the tour. They were inspired by how many volunteers came in and out of the facility to walk dogs, clean cages, and work with adopting families during the hour we were visiting the facility. There sure are a lot of caring people doing there part in Lethbridge. The youth were also pleased to see both a kitten and a puppy adopted and leave the facility for their new homes. The included photo pictures Two Vital Link youth enjoying the kitten cuddling time.

IMG 8841

Clay Wheel Sculpting
This March, McKillop Vital link Youth had a most wonderful experience trying our hand at Clay Wheel Sculpting. There was great chatter as we began to hone the art of sculpting bowls and cups. We laughed at our messy hands and our attempts at first try sculpting; which often produced unsymmetrical results. We marvelled at the steady hands of those youth who seemed like natural potters.The youth were complimented on how helpful they were with clean up. Thank you Vital Link for Representing McKillop in such a positive light. Their is a consensus that this is a do over activity. The youth excitedly await their finished products now in line for the kiln.


Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens Artistic Light Display
Vital Link Co-ed Youth Group visited the Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens artistic light display. They explored images and shared their ideas about light during the program called "The Light of The World". They continue to encourage and get inspired to shine their own lights in our world. We finished with a chilly toes ride on a horse sleigh to see Henderson Lake beneath the moon light.


Vital Link Christmas Tree Outing
Vital Link Youth have a great and warm day picking out Christmas Trees in the Mountains. They make sure the trees measure up and aren't to heavy to carry with a friend.  Thirty three youth and family members made this part of their Advent preparation this year!


Vital Link packing Christmas Food Hampers @ Lethbridge Food Bank
McKillop Youth and Young Adults do their part packing Christmas Food Hampers at the Lethbridge Food Bank.


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